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How to extend the service life of pneumatic actuators

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1. The purpose of use and maintenance of pneumatic actuators is to extend the life of the valve and ensure reliable opening and closing.
2. The thread of the valve stem often rubs against the nut of the valve stem. Lubricate with a little dry yellow oil, molybdenum disulfide or graphite powder.
3. For valves that are not frequently opened and closed, turn the handwheel regularly to add lubricant to the valve stem thread to prevent jamming.
4. For outdoor valves, a protective sleeve should be installed on the valve stem to prevent rain, snow, dust, and rust.
5. If the valve system is mechanically waiting, please lubricate the gearbox in time.
6. Always keep the valve clean.
7. Frequently check and maintain the integrity of other parts of the valve. If the fixing nut of the handwheel falls off, it must be fully equipped and cannot be used normally. Otherwise, the four sides of the valve stem will be rounded, the reliability of matching will gradually be lost, or even start-up will not be possible.
8. Do not rely on the valve to support other heavy objects, and do not stand on the valve.
9. The valve stem, especially the threaded part, should be wiped frequently, and the lubricating oil contaminated by dust should be replaced with new lubricating oil. Because the dust contains hard debris, it is easy to wear the thread and surface of the valve stem, which affects the service life.

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