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Which is better, aluminum alloy manual mechanism and actuato

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     Which is better, aluminum alloy manual mechanism and actuator? Regarding this issue, there is actually no difference between who is good and who is bad, because they are all a control method of valve products, but the control method is different, one is automatic and the other is manual, and the two can be said to be inseparable. Why do you say that? Let's talk about it in detail below.
Aluminum alloy manual actuator
    We know that valves equipped with actuators rely on signals to control and determine the opening of the valve. At this time, the valve is automatically controlled, that is, the actuator (pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, etc.) is automatically controlled . And if there is a problem with the actuator (that is, there is a problem with the automatic control system), but the opening of the valve must be controlled, then an aluminum alloy manual mechanism is needed (generally automatic valves are also equipped with manual mechanisms). The valve is controlled by a manual mechanism, and the valve is changed from an automatic control state to a manual control state.
    In summary, aluminum alloy manual mechanisms and actuators are not good or bad. They are both an unreliable control method of the valve, but the control method is different.
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