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Product Details
The core of the locator is the microprocessor that controls the CPU, and all the processing operations of the program are here. The input signal and position feedback are processed by 4000 steps of 12-bit 20ms sampling A/D conversion. Thereby ensuring the accuracy and speed of signal processing. The power of the CPU is directly obtained from the input signal.
The operating program includes the self-tuning process for automatically adjusting parameters and the adaptive program for positioning optimization control operation. Electric switch air drive electric control valve with 3/3 pneumatic switch. The positioning electrical signal sent by the CPU is converted into a pneumatic signal proportionally, that is, the 3/3 pneumatic switch is adjusted proportionally. The gas output from the positioner to the pneumatic actuator is adjusted proportionally. When the set positioning value is reached, the 3/3 pneumatic switch is closed in the middle position.
working principle
The positioner has a sturdy aluminum housing and a separate junction box with a separate module underneath. The rotary actuator has a cam with an angle of 100°. The movement of the actuator drives the rotation axis of the positioner. It is scanned by an inductive non-contact body sensor, and then the rotation angle is converted into an electrical signal. The position sensor also includes a temperature sensor that measures the temperature inside the box. The cam does not need to be replaced by the user. The position sensor, cam and CPU form an adjustment unit, which can only be replaced by the manufacturer. The pneumatic output module is composed of a pilot stage and an analog 3-position three-way valve as the main stage.
The pilot stage converts electrical signals into pressure signals. This process is completed by a system composed of coil magnets and nozzle flaps. Next is the main stage of pressure control. In addition to the two entrance and exit positions, there is also an intermediate position. After reaching the set point, switch the valve to the middle position so that there is no air loss in the main stage. The double-acting output can have two main stages. The electrical unit reads the set value of the 4-20mA input circuit and the position sensor converted by the A/D converter to control the process quantity. The microprocessor calculates the control deviation and outputs the corresponding correction signal to the pneumatic unit.
Application industry
1 New energy field
The world is facing the problem of energy shortage, and China is in the process of industrialization and urbanization. The demand for energy will continue to grow, and the contradiction between energy supply and demand will become increasingly prominent. With the increasing shortage of conventional oil and gas resources and the continuous expansion of the scale of new energy development, it can be expected that the application of valves in the field of clean and new energy will also achieve rapid growth, and the demand for valves in the field of clean and new energy will become a new development in the valve market in the future . engine.
2 Metallurgical Industry
With the long-term rapid growth of my country's economy and the demand for steel, the iron and steel metallurgical industry has become an important basic industry of the national economy, a supporting industry for industrialization, and a technology, capital, resource, and energy-intensive industry. Energy conservation, consumption reduction and resource conservation are major issues that urgently need to be resolved in today's metallurgical industry. The metallurgical industry is also facing the transformation and updating of original equipment, eliminating outdated equipment with high energy consumption and heavy environmental pollution. How can the development of the iron and steel industry move to a higher level? Energy conservation, environmental protection, and optimization of the variety structure are increasing. This requires that with the support of a large number of advanced equipment, steel metallurgical valves have a huge market. Energy saving and emission reduction valve equipment has more potential markets.
3 Biochemistry
With the development of the times, the progress of science and technology, and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the application fields of the biochemical industry continue to expand and extend, followed by the mass, modern, and automated industrial production of medical supplies. The valve is an indispensable control pipe fitting in the fermentation workshop of modern pharmaceutical factories. It is used to cut off or communicate with steam, water, culture medium, air and other fluids, adjust the flow of the fluid, and control the pressure in the pipe or container.
4 Chemical Fiber Industry
Since the 20th century, with the development of polymer materials, chemical fibers have begun to be produced. The emergence of chemical fibers has changed the history of mankind using natural fibers as textile fiber raw materials for thousands of years, and opened up a broad prospect for obtaining new and excellent textile fibers. The raw materials of chemical fiber come from petroleum, natural gas, coal, agricultural and forestry by-products, etc. With the rapid development of the petroleum industry, the types, quantity and technical level of synthetic fibers have far exceeded the production of man-made fibers. In the production process of the chemical fiber industry, the safety and stability of the piping system is the key to production. Valve products must cope with the complex working conditions of the chemical fiber piping system, so that the piping system can operate more freely during the production process.
5 drugs and pesticides
With the development of the pesticide and pharmaceutical industry, the requirements for cleaning, sterilization and sealing of reaction equipment in the production process of pesticide and pharmaceutical are becoming more and more stringent. Therefore, valves used under working conditions are often required to achieve zero leakage to avoid contamination of drugs during the manufacturing process. The entire operating space has no irritating smell, no smoke and dust, which puts forward strict requirements on the valve manufacturing industry. At the same time, under the development trend of the pesticide industry, various valves will be more widely used in the pesticide and pharmaceutical industries.

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