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Do you need to install a home improvement filter

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Do I need to install a home improvement filter?
At least in my own home, I will install it every time I renovate. It's not that cheap things are necessarily useless. The pre-filters I buy are usually one or two hundred yuan, and the effect is still very obvious. The main function is reflected in two points:
1. Filter out sand, rust and insect eggs in the water, which are not obvious on the water pipe. But I once lived in a community without running water. The faucet inside must be removed and cleaned almost every month, otherwise no water will flow out.
Install the pre-filter, this problem is solved immediately. In addition, the pre-filter does not require consumables. If the filter element is dirty, open the backwash directly, and it will be automatically cleaned without removing it.
2. To protect water equipment, the obvious one is the terminal water purifier. The water purifier requires a filter element. If those large particles of dirt enter the water purifier without treatment, the life of the filter element may be reduced by more than half.
It is also good for water heaters and other water-heating equipment, at least if the water is clean, the damage to the inner tank will be much less. As for the scale, the pre-filter does not directly affect the scale in the standard sense. However, during the formation process of the accumulation, the sand, sand and other impurities in the water will be absorbed, making the scale appear thicker. Therefore, with the pre-filter, the scale will be purer and the number will be reduced.
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