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Why choose a clutch-type handwheel mechanism?

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Why choose a clutch type handwheel mechanism? Mainly summarize the following points for your reference:
    1. The available power media of the clutch-type handwheel mechanism include compressed air, electricity, and hydraulic pressure.
    2. Requirements for the thrust of the actuator. The thrust is compatible with the large pressure difference of the control valve and overcomes the frictional force in the tight shut-off operation of the valve. For each type of actuator, the size is different, and the thrust is also different.
Pneumatic clutch type handwheel mechanism
    3. Due to the fluctuation of pipeline pressure, the clutch-type handwheel mechanism can maintain the ability of the valve core and the fixed position (rigidity). This is achieved by high spring stiffness, low air volume or hydraulic fluid load. In some cases, it is necessary to use a hydraulic buffer on the pneumatic diaphragm actuator. The variation range of the thrust with the stroke of the clutch-type handwheel mechanism should be at least twice the variation range of the dynamic unbalanced force of the pipeline pressure acting on the valve core and valve stem in the valve.
    4. Requirements for the action of the actuator when the power source fails, the valve opens, closes or maintains the original position when the power source fails.
    5. The clutch-type handwheel mechanism has an appropriate frequency response to meet the dynamic characteristics of the process and (or) the time of full opening or full closing for accident security.
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