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Teach you how to install a tap water filter

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How to install a tap water filter
(1) Preparation tools
One roll of raw material tape, one pipe wrench, one pair of PPR adapters, one hot melt machine, one adjustable wrench, one tape measure.
(2) Installation process
1. Determine the installation position according to the product size (the distance between the interceptor and the ground is greater than 300mm, which is convenient for the disassembly and assembly of the filter element and the sewage). Close the main water inlet valve, drain the remaining water in the pipeline, and then use PPR pipe cutters to cut the appropriate length at the appropriate position according to the installation needs.
2. Assemble the hexagonal pipe joint and the hexagonal nut, and completely wrap the raw material tape on the external thread of the hexagonal pipe joint.
3. Use a hot melt machine to weld the connection joint and cut one end of the PPR pipe. Use a hot melt machine to heat the other end of the PPR pipe. Use the same method to weld the other end of the PPR pipe.
4. Determine the direction of the equipment, put a silicone gasket on the pipe joint cover, connect and tighten the pre-filter with the hexagonal cap, the operation at both ends of the pre-filter is the same.
5. Install the pressure gauge on the top, screw the drain pipe connector to the bottom of the filter bottle and tighten it, and then connect the drain pipe to the drain pipe connector.
6. After installing the tap water filter, check and debug to see if it can be used normally.
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