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Don't give it for nothing? The filter is so easy to use, you

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In all water purification equipment, the pre-filter is low in price, small in size and unobtrusive. In previous articles about pre-filters, some people even said "don't don't all". I don't know if you think you will pay the IQ tax again, if you don't buy it, you are actually being fooled.
Let alone the inconspicuous pre-filter, it is worth buying among all water purification equipment. The price is low, the service life is long, and the effect is obvious. You don't need to buy other water purification equipment, but the pre-filter is worthy of recommendation by the majority of users.
1. Filter out large particles
The so-called large particles refer to the impurities visible in the water. Such as sand, rust, insect eggs, algae, etc. The aging of pipelines in some places caused secondary pollution to tap water. The main pollutants are large particles; sometimes the pipeline needs repair. After the repair is completed, the large particles will continue to exist in the pipeline for a period of time; there is no municipal tap water, and there are more large particles in the water.
The main function of the pre-filter is to filter out these large-particle contaminants and keep them in front of the filter.
2. Protect water equipment
In addition to the harmful effects of drinking large particles of pollutants, what other consequences will it have? Obviously, the damage to the water supply equipment.
There is usually a foam on the faucet, and a metal mesh with small holes on the foam. Large particles may be blocked by the metal mesh and clog the foam.
The water heater will produce scale during the heating process, and large particles of pollutants may adhere to the water tank of the water heater along with the scale. The presence of large particles makes the generation of scale appear faster, and also makes the pollution degree of scale higher.
When other water purification equipment encounters large particles, it is easier to block the filter screen, which shortens the life of consumables and greatly increases the cost of use.
In addition, there are washing machines, toilets, dishwashers, humidifiers, etc. All places that need to use tap water may be contaminated or damaged by large particles in the water.
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