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How to choose a water purifier for house decoration

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For house decoration, many people know that it is necessary to install a water purifier at home. Maybe the tap water was clean before leaving the factory. But it is inevitable that after a long pipeline or community reservoir, there may be some mud, sand, rust and a small amount of water. So if you want to drink clean water at home, you must install a water purifier correctly!
There are 4 main types of water purifiers
1. Pre-filter
The pre-filter is installed at the entrance of the water meter of the house. Water purification can filter some impurities, such as sand, rust, insect eggs, and algae.
2. Central Water Purifier
The central water purifier is installed behind the pre-filter and mainly filters different colors, odors and residual chlorine to protect the skin and respiratory tract from the damage of residual chlorine. Some models can also remove heavy metals such as lead and arsenic.
3. Central water softener
The central water softener removes calcium and magnesium ions in the water to achieve the effect of softening water quality. After reducing the scale, some water heaters and washing machines in the house will not be easily blocked. It can be used for bathing, washing, skin care, and deep purification! But it's only soft water, so you can't drink it directly.
4. End-type straight drinking machine
This kind of water purifier is generally installed under the tank of the cabinet, which can finely filter impurities and remove residual chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, etc. Commonly used terminal water dispensers include ultrafiltration machines and RO reverse osmosis water purifiers. The water filtered by the terminal direct drinking machine is mainly used for drinking, boiling soup, and brewing milk powder, which can improve the taste of tea and coffee, while protecting the healthy drinking water of the whole family!
Home Water Purification Program
Option 1: Pre-filtration + terminal direct drinking machine
Suitable for: families who pay attention to drinking water health
When decorating, install a pre-filter at the main water meter, reserve a socket under the kitchen sink, and install a direct water dispenser at the end.
Option 2: Pre-filtration + central water softener + terminal direct water dispenser
Suitable for: families living in areas with hard water
In some areas, the water quality is harder, so there is more scale, so you can install a water softener at home, using a combination of pre-filter + water softener + terminal direct water dispenser. It can purify and soften daily water to ensure the safety of daily drinking water.
Option 3: Whole house water purification system
Applicable people: families with high water requirements or serious pollution in cities
Urban water quality is poor or high water level requirements are at home, the whole house water purification system can be used, this is a combination of pre-filter + central water purifier + central water softener + terminal direct drinking machine to become a whole house water purification system, gradient water purification , Purify layer by layer to ensure clean and healthy domestic water and drinking water.
No matter which configuration your home chooses, you need to install a kitchen water purifier. The Yikou Drinking Machine ERO211-3 is very worthwhile! The filtration accuracy is as high as 0.0001 microns, which can remove pathogenic substances in the water as well as heavy metals such as lead and arsenic. The filtered purified water can be drunk directly, and the water output is large, and you can drink a glass of direct drinking water in a few seconds.
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