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Analyze the selection and performance characteristics of pne

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Before selecting a pneumatic actuator, please confirm the valve torque. And increase the safety value in the torque, so that the safety value of water vapor or non-lubricating liquid medium is increased by 25%; the safety value of non-lubricating slurry liquid medium is increased by 30%.
When the valve torque is 210NM, the air source pressure is only 5bar, and the medium is non-lubricating water vapor. Considering safety factors, the safety value is increased by 25%, which is 262NM. According to the double-acting output torque table, find the corresponding torque when the air source pressure is 5bar. value. Should choose 277NM, the model is POADA300.
Performance characteristics of pneumatic actuators
1. The rated output force or torque of the pneumatic device should meet the requirements of GB/T12222 and GB/T12223. The above is a membrane actuator;
2. Under no-load conditions, input the specified air pressure to the cylinder, and its action should be stable without jamming or crawling;
3. Under the air pressure of 0.6 mpa, the opening and closing direction of the output torque or thrust of the pneumatic equipment should not be lower than the value indicated on the pneumatic equipment label, and the action should be flexible.
4. When the working pressure is in the sealing test, the air leakage on each back pressure side shall not exceed (3+0.15D) cm3/min (standard state); the air volume shall not exceed (3+0.15d) cm3/min;
5. The strength test is carried out at 1.5 times the working pressure. After maintaining the test pressure for 3 minutes, no leakage and structural deformation are allowed in the cylinder end cover and static seal;
6. The number of service life, the pneumatic device simulates the action of the pneumatic valve, and the number of opening and closing operations is not less than 50,000 (one opening and closing cycle is one) while maintaining the two-way output torque or thrust capacity;
7. The pneumatic device has a buffer mechanism. When the piston moves to the end of the stroke, no impact is allowed.
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