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How to judge the quality of the canister solenoid valve

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The simple detection method can be done in two words: blowing. First remove the solenoid valve of the carbon canister, and then blow into the air inlet with your mouth. It would be great if you can't blow it off. If it blows through, it means that the air has leaked and it has broken. In this case, the vehicle needs to be ignited more than twice. Start.
If there is no leakage, the solenoid valve of the gas tank is in good condition, and then check other reasons.
Now let's talk about the symptoms of the carbon canister solenoid valve problem in general vehicles and how to judge it.
First of all, when the vehicle is driving, there will be abnormal noises. When the engine speed is above 800rpm, a "da da" sound will be heard. It is normal to judge whether the "click" sound comes from the canister solenoid valve by listening. If it is, ignore it. this is normal phenomenon.
Secondly, when you step on the accelerator to accelerate the car, the smell of gasoline in the car becomes stronger. What needs to be paid attention to is whether the solenoid valve of the gas tank is broken.
Third, the idling speed of the engine fluctuates regularly. If the car is struggling to accelerate, pay attention to whether the air intake and the canister filter are clogged.
Fourth, if the engine is difficult to ignite, or if it suddenly stalls after struggling to ignite, it may also be caused by a malfunction of the tank solenoid valve.
Please note that the fuel tank cannot be filled too quickly or too full. The speed should be slowed down when it is almost full, otherwise it is easy to refuel the solenoid valve pipeline of the gasoline tank, so that it is easy to stall when refueling, or even unable to start in severe cases.

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